Lorraine “LC” Cordeau

LC posting her ace

LC posting her ace at the North Palm Beach Country Club
– “A gift from Heaven!”

Wishing you would find someone reliable and trustworthy to free you from those time-consuming tasks that conflict with your business or leisure breaks?

Imagine not having to worry anymore about:

  • house, pool & landscaping maintenance;
  • car, boat and appliances repairs;
  • booking your trips;
  • organizing your private and/or company parties;
  • driving your children to school, doctor or playground;
  • finding the nicest flowers and those “Wow!” gifts;
  • your parents’ safety and wellbeing;
  • taking your beloved pets to the vet and grooming studio;
  • orchestrating weddings, baptisms or funeral arrangements;
  • your cook or caddie cancelling out at the last minute;
  • finding the best health and home insurance coverage;
  • having your clothes cleaned or tailored;
  • grocery shopping, etc.

Moreover, that ‘guardian angel’ could chauffeur you around when necessary, act as a translator (English, French, Spanish), coordinate your press and sponsor relations, even create marketing campaigns. Well, it is now possible.

One call and LC will handle it all!

Benefit from her experience, coordinating skills and contacts. Relax and enjoy life.