Lorraine “LC” Cordeau


“Being helpful is my mission.”

Product launch, business improvement, events planning & coordination, media & human relations, crisis management, marketing, promotion, editing, creative, translation, musical and audiovisual productions earned Lorraine (“LC”) numerous honors and awards but, most importantly, the ultimate satisfaction of seeing her clients succeed.

Versatile and passionate, trilingual (English, French & Spanish) LC crafted her savoir-faire while holding top management positions with international firms. Since 1995, her expertise as a self-entrepreneur benefited multiple companies in various fields. “Building an empire or someone’s career is the greatest high!”

“You’re in for a treat!”

Currently, LC’s endeavours target two dear-to-her-heart projects: Out to Launch! Entertainment featuring the “Nimus & Bouba World Tour” television series, and Whole’n 1 Management for busy professional golfers and company executives.

Out to Launch! Entertainment pertains to the coproduction of television series and feature movies starting with “The Nimus & Bouba World Tour” which could be the family hit show every broadcaster dreams of.

It is currently involved in the production of a feature movie about the inspiring life story of Canadian singer/songwriter/entertainer Georges Thurston aka BOULE NOIRE. His fans are ecstatic!

Too busy to take care of your house maintenance, kids, parents, pets, cars, boat, pool, electronic repairs, travel reservations, media & sponsors relations, marketing, private parties, wardrobe and any other time-consuming duties?

Let LC use her experience, coordination skills and contacts to take these loads off your shoulders. One phone call will handle it all. Now, you can focus on your game plan.
Worry free.